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Pete Argetsinger Coaching Scholarship Session

Includes 1 x 30 minute session


Congrats on taking a step towards building, growing, and scaling a profitable business you're wildly in love with! The following pages will walk you through scheduling your Pete Argetsinger Coaching Scholarship Session.

In honor of my dad, the coaching legacy and career he’s left behind, and his philosophy, I’m opening up the Pete Argetsinger Coaching Scholarship Sessions.

If you know you’re open, willing, and coachable and you’re a heart-centered, passion-driven entrepreneur who’s ready to build, grow, and scale a business you’re wildly in love with that also makes you bank, you’re eligible for a scholarship session.

Instead of applications or limiting this to one person, the first round of this scholarship will be a ‘hot lap’ (my racing peeps will get this), and a FREE 30-minute coaching session.

I want to honor the fast-action takers who are READY to make some magic in their business, so these will be first come, first serve.

It’s my goal to honor my dad by pulling out the best in you, serving, and positively impacting as many people as possible.

To enter and claim your free scholarship session, there are two guidelines:

  1. You must already have a business or have decided on a business idea (you can be at any stage of business and any income level, however, my strength isn’t helping you get clear on your business idea. It’s in helping you build, grow, and scale that idea into something profitable you love showing up for).

  2. Before our scheduled session, you’ll receive a reminder email with a link to a questionnaire. Please take the time to fill out and answer these questions. This will help us make the most use of our time together. This is a requirement to honor the coaching commitment and show you’re coachable. I will cancel your session if step two isn’t completed before our call.

That’s it!

Ready to make more money doing what you love? Follow the next few pages to book your Pete Argetsinger Coaching Scholarship Session!

xo, Kim

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